TREZO Sp. z o.o.

As a manufacturer, we guarantee the lowest retail and wholesale prices.

We offer various types of tobacco cutting machines for individual needs of customers. We offer machines with electric motors as well as manual tobacco cutting machines, packaging, evaporating and drying machines, and for inject cigarette tubes.

  • manual machines for cutting tobacco leaves, tea, herbs etc.
  • professional cigarette rolling machine
  • electric machines for cutting tobacco leaves, tea, herbs etc.
  • machines for drying, evaporating, packing and inject cigarettes
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Trezo - producent maszyn do cięcia i obróbki liści itp.

The production plant is located in Sosnowiec woj. śląskie Poland

The quality of our products is due to many years of experience, high-quality materials and precise production machines.


The products have a manufacturer's warranty. We provide continuous access to spare parts and consumable parts.

We provide post-warranty repairs.

We repair machines, sharpening knives, replacing shafts, electric motors and other elements of our machines and devices.

We make unusual machines on request.

We guarantee

  • Spare parts
  • Fast delivery
  • Professional advice
  • High quality products
  • Competitive prices
  • Nice customer service :-)